We knew the media was biased, but c’mon … this goes beyond biased into creepy.

This is bad. There are plenty of people who may not support Trump, but to wish him dead on a public media platform like Twitter? That’s just stupid.

Of course it IS the media we’re talking about.

But wouldn’t you call this hate speech?

Oh wait, that’s right. He was just kidding.

Ha ha ha.

Maybe? Remember back in the day when supposedly Secret Service was visiting people who said mean things about Obama on Twitter? Guess that only counts if the nominee in question is a Democrat.

It’s a Leftist media thing – they don’t have any ethics or integrity. They’re just writing “stuff” hoping something sticks while they attack those they politically disagree with.

Can you IMAGINE the fit they’d throw if some journalist said this about Hillary?

Yay, the media.