Poor Donna. She seems rather upset today on her timeline; should we tell her she’s used the wrong form of “to” in this tweet? Seriously, it’s the least we can do, right?

No wonder CNN let her go.

Oh yeah, and the whole cheating thing, that probably didn’t make CNN all that happy or joyful either.

But Donna has the audacity of hope … and joy. Look, she’s even able to tweet nonsensical rhetoric and bumper sticker talking points like a good little Democrat.


Except her tweets really don’t come across as someone joyful wrote them. In fact they seem more like an angry, bitter, sneaky, corrupt Democrat wrote them, but we’re just spitballin’ here. She could be joyful.

Wow, did she get fired from three of those jobs for cheating, or just the CNN one?

And seriously, five different companies/organizations hired this woman. The bar must not be set too high on the Left.

As she calls Trump a serial liar and a bully. Is that somehow going high, Donna?