Sounds like Weiner is cooperating with the FBI.

Well thank goodness he isn’t making this hard.

Ok, so these jokes NEVER get old. Thank you, Democrats, for providing us with a much needed laugh at your expense in this last week before the election.

On that note, why wouldn’t Weiner cooperate and even if he didn’t want to cooperate, could he say no?

Exactly. What choice does he have? Either way his political career is probably over … and we say probably because again, he’s a Democrat and for whatever reason that party doesn’t seem to hold their own accountable.

Now if he were a Republican this would haunt him ’til his dying day.

Wow, good point. What a ridiculous election we’re living through.

Aww if the conspiracies about Hillary being dangerous are even remotely true, absolutely that’s Weiner’s face these days. Of course those are only conspiracies …

Or are they?

Da da daaaaaaa.

Bingo. Weiner might even get immunity.


Ba dum bum.

Whatever Weiner is providing the FBI, it’s highly unlikely that it will make Hillary or his estranged wife happy campers.