As Twitchy reported yesterday, NARAL celebrated Hillary’s birthday with a deck of Gender Cards, because ya’ know, we don’t hear enough about gender these days.

Wonder which card she is …

We thought for sure Hillary would be the Joker, because she kinda looks like him with that crazy smile and wide, vacant stare but oh no … they went with the Ace. And of course they couldn’t go with the Queen because that would likely be seen as oppressing her or something else weird with some reference to gender roles. Maybe? Dunno.

These people are lunatics.

That’s what we thought as well.

Told ya’.

Careful, that’s a big word and NARAL may find it oppressive because stupid. Besides, if you accuse them of being sexist against men they will claim you’re sexist against them and never shut up.

Pretty sure they don’t have that suit in a modern deck but ya’ never know, since they literally created a deck of gender cards.