Yikes, yikes and double yikes.

If you do the Obamacare math (sorry, we didn’t say there would be math, our bad), that is nearly a 50% increase in cost in just eight years; really six if you take into account the monster health care bill wasn’t passed until 2010.

The more ridiculous piece is the people who are being covered now (at our cost and at a much higher rate) were likely covered BEFORE the idiotic law and lost their coverage. Obama and his health care minions didn’t make things better, they just threw a giant wrench into the system, created havoc and then pretended to fix it.

It’s the Democrat way after all.

Many families lost their coverage because it was “too good,” (true story) and their new plans cover less and cost more.

Yay Obama.

And what happened to, “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor?”

Oh yeah, they lied.