Check it out, another story where a cop beat up some unarmed … oh wait … never mind.

Social justice warriors are AWFUL.

Hey #BlackLivesMatter, you created this. Way to go.

The female officer was attacked by Parta Huff, 28, who was supposedly high on PCP. He apparently attacked her, slammed her head into the pavement and pulled chunks of her hair out of her head. In the video you can hear the officer saying she thought she was going to die, and still she did not pull her firearm for fear that she would be accused of shooting an unarmed black man, even though he was trying to kill her.

It took the other officers tasing Huff to remove him from her.

The officer in question was taken to a local hospital, she suffered a concussion and various injuries to her neck and arms.

All because she feared public backlash for protecting herself.


Paging DeRay and Shaun King.

This officer would have rather died than face the backlash other officers have received for defending themselves.

Pretty pathetic and sad.

It is indeed.

And this is the part you don’t hear much about. This man was clearly dangerous, and if he had gotten away who knows how many people he may have harmed or even killed because the current environment has cops thinking twice about whether or not they should defend themselves.

Of course! He was just a young guy looking to make his way in the world or something …

Any day now, SMOD.