Well then.

So not only did Thrush send his story to Podesta for some weird blessing, he asked Podesta to please not share or tell anyone he did it. He even called himself a hack, which is likely the most accurate thing he wrote.

Glenn was none too happy that his email made it to social media, and claimed when he writes a story he does this with everyone, you know, to make sure it’s correct. But then again if that’s the case why would he have asked Podesta not to tell anyone?

It’s not a good look, not at all.

Hrm. Unless he asks everyone he writes about not to tell others he lets them edit his work?

Seems dicey at best.

Yeah, there’s that part too – why would you admit to being a hack if this is just what you do as an ordinary reporter?

Maybe because you’re full of it? Just a wild guess here.

Gosh, somehow Glenn’s claim that he does this with everyone seems more and more questionable.

The media is full of elitists, and this proves it. Thrush clearly is defensive about this email and his actions – he should have just owned the fact that he pandered to Podesta for his blessing on the article.

But of course that would just prove the media is in bed with the Clinton camp and we can’t have that now can we?