Somewhere, Candy Crowley is doing a happy dance after watching Martha Raddatz at last night’s debate.

At some points in the debate it looked like even Anderson was giving her a look like, “WTF?” She was awful.

When you have well-known Never Trumpers saying Raddatz treated Trump unfairly YOU KNOW she was showing her bias.

Distinctly possible, Raddatz was doing everything she could to help Hillary win that debate. She didn’t even bother to try and hide it.

Awww but she was totally objective, right? Right.

It was awful and felt like Raddatz was trying to debate Trump herself. She came off as angry and obviously hated Trump, there was no doubt about her feelings regarding the GOP candidate. And if they can’t be objective (or at least pretend to be?) they shouldn’t moderate anything else.

Harsh. Sorry Candy, maybe you’re not quite off the hook just yet.