It’s when you see tweets like this that you have to wonder how in the heck people take Michael Moore seriously, at all.

Oh that’s HILARIOUS Michael. I wonder if he realizes how absolutely gross and SEXIST this tweet is? Or is he one of those Leftists who think you can only be sexist against women? Perhaps it escaped him that suggesting Hillary grab Trump’s nuts is traditionally sexist even where delusional hypocrites like him are concerned.

Moore’s whole timeline looks like this by the way, full of snide remarks and illogical comparisons between Trump’s actions and the Republican party as a whole.

How exactly have Republicans tried to legalize misogyny and sexism? Is this one of those pro-abortion arguments again?

Maybe Michael missed it but there are lots and lots of women in the Republican party who may or may not still support Trump after this week’s news, but isn’t it sorta sexist to say something this generalized about the entire party?

Not that he’ll care.

Anyone else find this ironic considering the (let’s face it) pigs in the Democratic party? Clinton is just the tip of the iceberg, folks. Edwards, Weiner, Kennedy, Gore (and his special massages) … and truth be told there were plenty of Republican Congressmen who weren’t hip to Trump from day 1.

Awwww there ya’ go, there’s the abortion tweet we were looking for. Ya’ gotta hand it to Michael, he was able to use one situation and scream sexism, racism, bigotry and HOMOPHOBIA which is pretty hard work even for a practiced Leftist like him.

Still waiting for him to somehow tie this to ISIS.