Earlier today, Twitchy reported that Hillary has seemingly been avoiding discussing Obamacare on her campaign trail …

Guess now we know why she’s not exactly promoting it as part of her agenda.

She said, “Lots of Americans still don’t even have insurance, or they do but it’s too expensive for them to actually use,” which totally goes against everything Obama has been saying about his namesake legislation.


Could it be that Hillary is distancing herself from the obviously flawed, unpopular healthcare bill and quietly tossing Obama under busses when he’s not around? It’s almost like she’s THAT friend who pretends she is your buddy and then tells anyone who will listen that you wear cheap deodorant or something else sideways and mean to make you less popular.

And let’s not forget how much they clearly did NOT care for one another in 2008, so really it should come as no surprise that Hillary is talking negatively about Obama’s legacy behind his back.