We GET IT, Trump said some mean things … and yet he still didn’t leave four Americans to die in Benghazi, Hillary.

No one forced her to be in a pageant, boo freakin’ hoo. Look, it’s fine to have sympathy for this woman but give us a break already! Is this really a talking point in your campaign, Hillary?

What accomplishments? It’s much easier to point a finger at Trump and say HE WAS A BIG MEANIE HEAD!


DUDE. Trump said this woman was fat, we can’t be bothered with what Hillary did to actually hurt women.

Yikes, but he called that poor woman Miss Piggy.

Oh well now you’re just oppressing Hillary. You’re a big meanie head JUST LIKE TRUMP.


D’oh. You mean she knew she’d gained weight and understood that it might not be appropriate if you want to win beauty pageants. Get outta town.

But if we focus on HER actions and not HIS words she might not win and gosh, it’s her turn.

*eye roll*

Right? Imagine if they could only interview Sean Smith.