Hey rioters, you know, you people setting fires, shooting others, looting Walmarts, harassing cops and destroying communities … Sally says thanks.

Ok, not in so many words but she is clearly giving the rioters credit for something odd … demanding accountability for what exactly? People breaking the law and then getting killed when they pose a threat to police officers? Gee whiz, thanks y’all.

She missed that tidbit, or she ignored it completely for her agenda. Hard to say for sure.

Another nugget of wisdom she chose to leave out because to admit Democrats are running the cities where the majority of these incidents are taking place would be acknowledging a bigger problem within her party.

But of COURSE, it is the Democrat way after all.

Right!? Imagine if they weren’t there to riot and bring the shooting of a felon to our attention while destroying innocent life and property.

No WONDER Sally is so thankful for #BlackLivesMatter.