Perhaps we should ask Wil to name any gunman from a mass shooting who was a member of the NRA.

Oooooh, Wil is so edgy and tough with his stance on guns.

No, not really. But he does prove how absolutely clueless he and other gun control lunatics are about guns and mass shootings in general.

Nice of Wil to blame the latest shooting on the NRA to avoid the obvious elephant in the room.

Oh look, he’s just having a cup of coffee. Nothing to see here.

Or is there?

Ooof Pamela, stop it with those facts. Didn’t the media call him Hispanic? Oh silly Lefties.

Some folks believe they have found Cetin’s Twitter account where he openly tweeted support for Hillary Clinton but until it comes to light the account is really his we’re not reporting that as a fact.

Need more proof the NRA isn’t responsible, Wesley? Err… Wil?

Mass shootings are a result of mental illness, not an organization that supports the Second Amendment.

Gosh, you mean he’s not Hispanic? But the media said so! Besides, according to Wil none of this matters because we should just blame the NRA.

Shut up Wesley.