Earlier this week, Instapundit (aka Glenn Reynolds) was suspended on Twitter for suggesting people who were being surrounded by rioters not just sit in their cars and get beaten to death. Twitter did eventually reinstate his account but only after he removed the “offensive” tweet; side note, Twitter left all sorts of horrible accounts tweeting actual threats to police in place, but we digress.

In addition to his Twitter suspension, Instapundit has been suspended from USA Today for a month and is being investigated by the University of Tennessee College of Law, where he is a law professor.

All over a tweet.

Meanwhile all sorts of “academics” continue to indoctrinate … err … instruct students and maintain their “academic freedom.”


It makes far more sense for academia to push racist cops or something … and hey, he wrote a MEAN TWEET or something.

Tweeting in support of someone who has been suspended for suggesting people not sit in their cars and be killed by rioters makes you racist, who knew?

It’s starting to feel a little bumpy out there for actual Conservatives.