You don’t mess with Texas and you REALLY REALLY REALLY (and we do mean really) don’t mess with these Texan teachers.

The Medina Independent School District put this sign up last week letting folks know that teachers and staff (including the lunch lady) may be armed. They’re not saying they ARE armed, they’re just saying it’s a possibility.

Currently this sign is at only one of the school’s entrances, but they plan on putting signs at all entrances so bad guys can’t say they weren’t warned.

It really is. Of course the Leftist gun control harpies were all over this tweet complaining about how unsafe it is, questioning teachers, implying that children would get a gun … you know, the same ol’ fearful nonsense they spew every other day of the year when it comes to guns.

Bad guys love their gun-free zones – this sign is quite the opposite.

Bad guys certainly do not care if an area has been deemed gun-free, but they will second guess an area with a sign like this warning them that if they try and harm their students they will be met with “assertive defense.”

It’s a lot like those security system signs people put outside of their homes. True, not everyone who puts out those signs has a system but do you think burglars and other bad guys want to test it? Just like this, every teacher may or may not be armed but if you’re a bad guy with a gun do you test it? Do you mess with Texas?

No. You don’t.