Astonishing she says.

What’s really astonishing is that a woman who doesn’t know what the ‘C’ stands for on her emails and who has obviously broken the law is running for president instead of sitting in jail somewhere.



But you know what’s the most astonishing thing of all about this tweet?

OH YEAH, that tidbit. Hillary’s supporters started the birther movement but hey … details. This was not some grand Republican rumor, this was a Democrat piece started during the 2008 primary because granny was losing to Obama and she played dirty. Or rather her “supporters” did.

She can’t remember these things, she’s getting up there ya’ know.

But she plays the kindly old forgetful granny so well.

She knows that, clearly.

Yeah, ouch.

Side note, the Bernie people are FAR harder on Hillary than any of us mean ol’ conservative types.