Activist and Constitutional advocate Tariq Nasheed thinks white supremacists can legally kill black people.

You can’t make this nonsense up.

And no.

Legally. Yup.

Guessing we all missed the part of the “murder law” that says, “unless the person you kill happens to be black and you’re a white supremacist.”

Da hell?

Tariq is clearly confused by what the word “legal” means.

The law doesn’t say, “Oh wait, you’re a white supremacist and you killed a black person? OK then, on your way.”

Anger keeps him warm or something … nope, we got nothin’.

That’s what trolls … err … activists do, they fan the flames and stuff for change … or something?


Mic drop.

Is this really all that shocking?

Think about it for a minute … this has sadly become the status quo in Obama’s America.