Silly gun grabbers never learn.

Yes, it’s illegal to smuggle guns into the country. Nowhere does it say it’s ok to smuggle guns and look, he was caught and sentenced to 10 years. The law works. Shocker.

Actually this case shows that our “country’s weak gun laws” worked. Bad guy is going to jail.

Of course Democrats forget that the laws only work when we ENFORCE them.

And speaking of laws not working because we don’t enforce them, check out our immigration laws. Democrats like Everytown LOVE to welcome illegals into this country, guys like the smuggler. They even give them sanctuary and fight to give them benefits.


Yup. He broke the law. He got caught. He got tried. He got sentenced. The law works.


We could write thousands and thousands of gun laws but unless we enforce them (Democrats) they’re really just more bureaucracy that does nothing to stop gun violence.