What in the blue Hell are they talking about here …

Reproductive justice. What does Mike Brown trying to kill a cop and getting killed in the process have to do with abortion? Maybe someone should tell Planned Parenthood men don’t have those parts. #GenderFluid

Considering more black babies were aborted than born in 2014, we’re not entirely sold on the idea that Planned Parenthood really thinks #BlackLivesMatter.

Ya’ know, what’s sad is if human beings could live to that age in the womb, besides women being REALLY MISERABLE, Planned Parenthood would absolutely advocate for this late term abortion.

We need to put this on t-shirts. Pink ones.

13% of the population, 35% of all abortions – yup.

Harsh. And yet true.

That’s EXACTLY the face we made when we saw this tweet.

The fact they speak about justice in regard to life in this way proves more than ever they are CLUELESS about what real justice looks like.