For some bizarre reason only Leftists may understand, Boston Globe columnist Michael Cohen took issue with the 7th Inning Stretch being a time to honor our military during the All Star Game.

Public defenders, social workers and journalists … really?

Several people disagreed with Cohen, particularly regarding journalists. He replied by listing journalists who have been killed in the field.

Imagine if someone tried to list every name of the men and women who have given their lives for this country.


Hallmark may be coming out with a line of cards just for those dumpster fires.

*eye roll*

Sadly, he is serious.


Cohen went on to list other groups of people he believes deserve more respect than our military.

The ACLU? Please.

Not what he said but hey, how many reporters live with a disability they acquired serving this country and protecting her people?

Elevating our troops is a problem? Fascinating.

They are on the front line, without our military those groups you want honored wouldn’t have a chance.

Dumb wars. Lefties gonna lefty.

Most veterans see themselves as humble protectors of this country and don’t expect us to show them our respect and gratitude, which is why it’s so important that we do.

After taking much flack for his tweet, Cohen did eventually say this:

Which unfortunately proves he still missed the point.