Whooohoo! Michael Moore tweeted! Can’t wait to read it … said no sane or moderately intelligent person, ever.

So ban the guns and stop defending the country … he must have had his, “Leftist Talking Points for Dummies 101” book out when he wrote this.

Right? Let’s save some lives!

For the children …


Fair question, don’t you think, Michael?

Noticing a theme here.

Ouch. We even felt this one. *burn*

Not likely what he was going for, but hey, inspiration is inspiration, right?

Michael went on to tweet the president about Dallas …

God forbid we pray for the lost and their families, right Michael? Notice he wants to make Dallas about the officers, saying we should jail the abusive ones and retrain them all. Not a word about blaming the killer or calling for an end to violence against cops … shocker.

Michael. *rolls eyes all the way back so they are up front again* Let Dallas be about Dallas.

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