Seems like good advice …


After the SCOTUS ruled to overturn the Texas law that would have closed unsafe abortion clinics in the state, many pro-abortion advocates were calling the ruling a victory even though it endangered the lives of thousands of women.

C’mon, it’s just the law we’re talking about – don’t trouble the SCOTUS with laws and such.

Walsh blogged about his advice for the governor, and included a reference to the Tenth Amendment which many believe SCOTUS disregarded in their ruling:

In his blog, Walsh writes, “Texas should ignore the Supreme Court. The time for civil disobedience is now. On Tenth Amendment grounds, on the grounds of justice, on the grounds of human decency, on the grounds of saving lives, on the grounds of truth, of morality, of righteousness, Texas should tell the Court to go to Hell. In those words, preferably.”

Predictably, the Left wasn’t thrilled with Walsh …

Don’cha love it when pro-aborts pretend to care about or understand the Constitution?

That little tidbit. Yup.

Not sure if this was supposed to be English? And the Left always loves the Constitution when it can be used for their agenda. Otherwise it’s a ‘barrier.’

But the Fourteenth!

Whether Governor Abbott will tell the SCOTUS to go to Hell or not remains to be seen, if he does though? *popcorn*