Oh brother.

Ever since Rubio announced he isn’t retiring from politics (and looks to be leading in the polls), Representative Alan Grayson has been doing his best impression of a teary, dramatic, frumpier, liberal Scarlet O’Hara in social media. As God is his witness, he will never be hungry again and stuff …

They are PROUD! Proud of what, we’re not sure. The only thing missing here is Grayson shaking his fist in SOLIDARITY. Well, that and …

D’oh. Silly. Democrats don’t have time to think, they’re too busy FEEEEEELING.

He’s so ‘radical.’ Heh.

Yeah, that’s sorta radical.

That darn email server …

Guessing Alan would say global warming falls under … hmmm … you know what, we got nothin’.

But democracy!

Not to get all technical on you, Alan, but democracy is akin to mob rule. Thank goodness we’re a republic.

Told you.

We tried to tell him.

Last one because reading too many of his tweets truly is hazardous to your IQ:

Right? Iran, Iraq, Syria – totes safer.

Of course he knows this.