After the terror attack in Orlando early Sunday morning, which has been labeled the largest mass shooting in US history, plenty of celebrities took to Twitter to remind everyone how absolutely ignorant they are about gun rights and laws. John Cusack called for a ban on “assault weapons” while Susan Sarandon and Seth McFarland pled for a ban on automatic weapons (which are already illegal). Celebrity Twitter was all a aflutter with sanctimonious rich people hiding behind their paid security, telling the little people why we shouldn’t be allowed to have fire arms.

But none were quite as mock-worthy as Sarah Silverman, who apparently doesn’t know which form of “bear” to use or what the second amendment actually stands for.

This talking point is something the left has been using for a couple of years, insisting our Founding Fathers couldn’t have possibly known the types of weapons we would someday manufacture so those “super guns” shouldn’t be covered. Sadly they can’t draw the same argument for the first, which would limit their blathering on the second unless they were doing so with quill and paper.

Sarah doubled down on her “guns are bad don’t blame Muslims” kick with this beauty…

Maybe she should Google “serial killer diversity” before tweeting such nonsense. All serial killers are white guys? Chester Turner, LA’s most prolific serial killer, killed 12 women and isn’t white. And sure, Aileen Wuornos was white but SHE was a woman not a guy. If Silverman truly wanted to make her point, she should have just stopped after the word, “Isis.”

Or better yet, not tweeted at all.