Representative Alan Grayson is running for Rubio’s soon-to-be-vacant Senate seat, so he has been doing his best to remain somehow relevant. Between grandios statements about his own political prowess and trolling Donald Trump on Twitter, he somehow finds people to pay attention to him. For example, some of his latest Trump tweets …

Meanwhile Grayson, who has labeled himself a, “Senator With Guts,” is having his own issues. Florida Politics, a Florida statewide media site covering campaigns, reported that during his speech to the Florida Young Democrats, Grayson said Hillary Clinton is beholden to special interests.

As you can imagine, the representative who once included Klan imagery in a campaign email was none too happy about this report and has denied it.

Whether or not Grayson said this (and if you listen to the audio in the original piece by Florida Politics it sure sounds like he did) remains to be seen. But in the meantime *popcorn*.