Sen. Tom Cotton doesn’t seem all that concerned about the hissyfit some New York Times peeps have had over his op-ed about how to deal with violent rioters and looters. In fact, he even mentioned that he’s enjoying their meltdown and tweeted out a thread …

The New York Times isn’t exactly known for dealing with ‘profoundly serious issues’ anymore and in fact, have sort of become a parody of themselves.

What he said.

We are looking at a group/generation of people who simply CANNOT accept the idea that anyone out there disagrees with them on ANY topic and any sort of disagreement is FASCIST.

For as much time as they spend accusing Trump and others of fascism, it looks more and more like they are the true fascists but we digress.

Psst … Tom. We already knew NYT was deeply unserious and uninterested in logic or fact.

But a fair point.



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