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Brian Stelter's Fear of a Second Trump Term is Evident


When Mr. Potato Head and Rachel Madcow are both running scared ...


It's almost like he knows how badly he and his ilk have misled the American people.

*Live shot of Stelter reacting* 

He knows Andrew; this writer suspects he's trying to elicit as many fear and rage clicks as possible.

Hahahaha, good point.


It's like they're playing the adult version of 'I'm rubber, you're glue' or something.

Brad, Brad, Brad, everyone knows that while potatoes have many eyes, they see nothing. 


Facts don't matter to these people, but Stacey makes valid points. 

This may be the only time this writer defends Mr. Potato Head, but #TeamNoPants represent.


Just to recap, by this point in Trump's first term, no charges were filed against any political opponents, no arrests of journalists, and no trials of old women praying.

The same cannot be said of Joe Biden's first term. 

Who should the American people be more afraid of, Brian? 

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