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Kamala Harris Responds to Florida Abortion Decision BUT Seems to Forget Who POTUS Is

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

These people are like a broken record, and the 'Commie-Llama' is chief among them.


This writer believes we must stop ceding ground so easily in these arguments. Trump was not in office when Roe v. Wade was overturned, and the Supreme Court followed The Constitution.

She doesn't and likely can't see them as babies, much like her ancestors didn't see slaves as human. 

That is a staggering number.


That's awesome!

Meme checkpoint reached; consider this taxed.

Well, they aren't biologists or something.


This begs the question: How does one take an oath to protect and defend something they don't understand?

This is the crux of this argument. Roe V Wade protected abortion so that it could be used in scarce and specific instances, not as a form of birth control.


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