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Reports: Watertown, Mass.-area carjacking possibly related to MIT shooting, police chase, explosions, gunfight [pics, video]


Whoa. Twitchy told you about the fatal shooting of a police officer at MIT earlier tonight. According to Twitter users in the Boston area, there’s a frenzy of law enforcement activity after a carjacking that may be related to the campus shooting.

Hmm. We’ll see:

Writer/MIT prof Seth Mnookin tweeted from the scene on campus as the latest chaos ensued:


The suspects reportedly have “long guns:”



Twitchy will continue to monitor and update with breaking developments.

Live streaming right now:

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 11.19.30 PM

Several reports on Twitter, via police scanner, that officers have been told to power down their cell phones to avoid triggering possible IEDs.

Two suspects now in custody?

Or is second man still out there?


More from Mnookin on scene:


Just wow:

Now, as of 1:30am-ish Eastern activity related and a lockdown at Children’s Hospital:

1:39am Eastern: “We do not have a second suspect in custody.”

Another person live-tweeting from scene in Watertown:


1:45am Eastern. Police scanner traffic indicates suspect at large is “Middle Eastern” looking male, clean shaven, wearing a blue shirt with a “Christmas style” hat bearing a snowflake.

Mt. Auburn Hospital reportedly on Code Black:

And more:

2:12am Eastern. A perimeter has been set up around a house on Hazel St.


2:49am Eastern. The hunt for the fugitive suspect continues. The Boston Globe runs a front page headline declaring the Watertown suspects the same suspects identified in the Boston Marathon bombing. Scanner traffic now indicating that the suspect at large is the same Boston Marathon bombing suspect who wore a white hat in the pics released to the public.


Named: Suspects identified on police scanner as Mike Mulugeta, Sunil Tripathi; one ‘suspect is running’

Boston Marathon suspect Sunil Tripathi in a Che Guevara t-shirt

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