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Vile: Westboro hate-mongers headed to Newtown, Conn.; citizens call for human wall blockade; website hacked


The anti-military, anti-Semitic, anti-gay, anti-American “church” of Westboro ghouls plans to exploit the Newtown, Conn. massacre the same way they planned to exploit the Aurora theater shootings. The despicable Phelps family has been tweeting its evil message all weekend:






As Twitchy reported in July, the Westboro cowards failed to show up in Colorado after making a media splash announcing their intentions.


If they are wise, the evil Westboro vultures will stay away this time, too. If not, good-hearted citizens are prepared to form another human walls like they have before at Texas A&M to protect Westboro targets.


Actress Patricia Arquette hopes the media will refuse to give Westboro oxygen:

But as Twitchy has sadly pointed out, the media vultures themselves have exercised little restraint. See:  Gross: Media vultures now interrupting grieving Newtown residents at church.

In the meantime, the Anonymous gang targeted Westboro and hacked the group’s website:


Not everyone is comfortable with Anonymous tactics:

But this much is clear:  Twitter users from the left, right, and center are united in revulsion against the Westboro cretins.




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