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Nebraska GOP Senate primary: Dark horse Deb Fischer wins in an upset, faces New York transplant Bob Kerrey

Just as we noted this morning, the Nebraska GOP Senate primary tonight is down to the wire. State Sen. Deb Fischer, the dark horse endorsed by Sarah Palin and Herman Cain, is neck and neck with Attorney General Jon Bruning. We’ll update continuously as politicos live-tweet through the night.


Nebraska Secretary of State results are here.!/ShaneGoldmacher/status/202588611198201857!/sarahschulz/status/202588495808696320

The Palin effect has some Twitter folks remembering how she helped Nikki Haley in South Carolina:!/adampiper/status/202587789693423616

Looking good for Fischer in key counties:!/NTVsSteveWhite/status/202588195106467842!/electionate/status/202588099153375232!/Tyson_Havranek/status/202586808918355969!/KHASTV/status/202589835431653376!/Bassmaster12/status/202591803818524672

As of 10:50pm Eastern:!/KHASTV/status/202589835431653376

Other winners and losers:!/EWErickson/status/202590729002954752!/EWErickson/status/202591497273606145!/FixAaron/status/202593195522138115


Fischer’s pulling ahead as Bruning’s early-voting advantage dissipates:!/KETV/status/202592163459121152!/kerpen/status/202590131767619585!/NathanWurtzel/status/202593658778812418!/CrassPolitical/status/202593494261436416

The winner tonight faces former Nebraska Senator and governor-turned-Beltway/NYC fixture Bob Kerrey — prompting well-deserved razzing:!/CarolineWren/status/202584781958037504!/GerardHarbison/status/202595313561780225!/Political_CSI/status/202590006903177217!/brianjameswalsh/status/202596070084190209

Still counting:!/FixAaron/status/202594876339126272!/LJSPascale/status/202599645048864770

Is it too early to celebrate?!/She_PAC/status/202595268196179968!/theporpoise81/status/202595523205664768!/prowag/status/202595263125258241

11:16pm Eastern – CNN projects Fischer the winner:


And more calls:!/LeavenworthSt/status/202597664221704192!/ChrisClaytonDTN/status/202599006931648513

Let the spin and counter-spin begin:!/brianjameswalsh/status/202585734870343680!/brianjameswalsh/status/202589585132359680!/brianjameswalsh/status/202574927033925633!/brianjameswalsh/status/202565912186994688!/barneykeller/status/202599550643482624

Let this be a lesson for all the naysayers talking down candidates who face uphill primary battles:!/DavidKotok1/status/202600116274724864

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