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More April Fools' Day jokes and pranks on Twitter

We’re taking a break from news and politics this morning to give you a fresh look at the funniest, corniest, and fail-iest April Fools’ Day humor from around the world on Twitter. (Previous coverage here.)


*Google announced “Gmail tap” — Morse code for the 21st century.!/gmail/status/186309874039267328

A round-up of all of Google’s joke apps — from Chrome’s multi-task, multi-mice mode, to Really Advanced Search, to Google Racing — is here.

*Flickr gets in on the action with its crap-i-fying new tool, “#flickrdither“:!/Flickr/status/186296399120441344

*In Korea, fans of the pop group “Super Junior” pranked these band members…!/WorldWideELFs/status/186348321244323840

…by directing other fans to tell the singers they were unfollowing them…!/WorldWideELFs/status/186348553227075584

Before 2 a.m. Eastern, “#SJFOOLS” and “UNFOLLOWED YOU” were trending worldwide.!/hyokyu13/status/186357801726132224

*Fans of OneDirection started the hashtag #IRegretLovingOneDirection, but it seems to have backfired on groupies who just can’t fake it:!/Justin1Derland/status/186357185306038273!/xMalikZayn/status/186358806995935232!/NorTomlinson/status/186359555884724224


Louis Tomlinson, one of the OneDirection band members played along with a separate hashtag prank claiming that he and another male band member were expecting:!/Louis_Tomlinson/status/186362106705223680

Once again, fans fretted that it might not be a joke and that Louis Tomlinson’s real girlfriend might really be pregnant:!/Caityy_Horan/status/186369235440762880!/HibaaLautner/status/186368017884659712

*Other Brits were having more fun. The left-wing Guardian newspaper ran this fake story about Prime Minister David Cameron hiring hard-partying English band frontman Shaun Ryder as a consultant:!/guardian/status/186342964879048704

At least one Brit television station reportedly fell for the joke, as did several Brits on Twitter:!/markblk9779/status/186242929873010689!/Barneteye/status/186365822355247104!/Callum_TheGuy/status/186365692524756993!/JonathanHaynes/status/186236243556827136


Actually, yes you can!!/TheMichaelMoran/status/186349672653275136

*Sofia Vergara’s son played a joke on her, though we can’t pretend to understand what exactly it was. She did give him the slipper:!/SofiaVergara/status/186193270504833024

*Reddit’s April Fools’ Day time-travel stunt is getting Twitter rave reviews:!/Peter_Freeman/status/186316189176311808!/RupeshB/status/186371528932327425!/benhuber/status/186317979653390337!/shiruken/status/186315929662136323

*A few April Fools’ #fails:!/FearlessinDubai/status/186359157656522752!/sammie_szalay/status/186360516401315840

How did your merry-making go? Send us your favorite Twitter pranks of the day. We’ll update the post throughout the day.

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