Multiple media outlets are reporting that shots were fired near Vice President Joe Biden’s Delaware home in Chateau Country.

Earlier in the week, the threat level had been raised at the air base servicing the Vice President.

The threat level has been raised at the New Castle Air National Guard Base after five attempted security probes by unknown individuals this week, several federal and base sources tell NBC Philadelphia and NBC News. One of the probes happened on Monday and four on Tuesday at the base along West Basin Road in New Castle, Delaware, counterterrorism and military sources said.

Base officials confirmed Wednesday morning that the base had increased security because of the security threat. Vice President Joe Biden has used New Castle Air National Guard Base as it is close to his Delaware home. President Barack Obama has also visited the base twice.

…The probes took place along the base’s perimeter and the main gate by individuals inside vehicles who were described as “Mideastern” in appearance, sources said. A senior U.S. Defense official tells NBC News “no specific threat or individuals” have been identified.