Jack Dorsey, the St. Louis native and tech brains behind Twitter and Vine, returned to his home state this weekend to join the Ferguson, Missouri protests. Why not? Throngs of other celebrities and journalists have flown in to document the goings-on with Dorsey’s social media tools. Might as well show ’em all how he rolls, tweets, and Vines for The Cause.

Looks like Dorsey heeded the New Black Panther Party’s warning to citizen journalists and MSM that their safety cannot be guaranteed. He didn’t stick around for the late night fireworks.

A sample of Dorsey’s tweets from the scene tonight before curfew went into effect:

He marched with St. Louis alderman Antonio French:

He showed his solidarity in the rain:

As night and more rain fell, Dorsey seems to have departed and urged others to go home…

…but he continued to retweet others who remained on scene. His followers didn’t blame him for bailing.

Happening now: Ferguson protesters advance toward police; Police pull back.