If your tweens and tweens are grumpy tonight, here’s why. The Teen Choice Awards show aired on Fox, but some choices were apparently more equal than others. The main whistleblower? A Vine star named Cameron Dallas, who was allegedly told that he had won an award before voting had ended…only to discover tonight on stage that he had lost.


Another Internet star, Tyler Oakley, won the Web Star award, prompting this now-deleted tweet from Dallas — and a fan’s rebuke:

Dallas left these tweets on his timeline:

(That’s teen-speak for “I hate my life.”)

Small consolation:

Another leak, another deleted tweet by fellow Vine star Matt Espinosa:


Lots of fans sided with Dallas:

Other fans had good, grown-up advice:

An observant viewer noted the disclaimer at the end of the Teen Choice Awards show, which disclosed that the producers reserve the right to choose final winners from the top four popular vote-getters in any category.

Always read the fine print, kiddos: