As Twitchy reported in September, Colorado grass-roots Second Amendment activists scored historic victories with the recall of two prominent Democrat gun-grabbers: state Sen. president John Morse in Colorado Springs and Democrat state Sen. Angela Giron in Pueblo. But their work is not finished. Activists have been gathering signatures to recall one of the state’s most odious, anti-gun state senators, Democrat Evie Hudak. Readers will remember her appalling dismissal of rape victim Amanda Collins and her reckless advocacy of disarming women.

Rocky Mountain gun owners and supporters of self-defense are out in force exercising their rights to hold this public safety menace accountable. They have 16 days to collect signatures.

The recall activists face unhinged attacks and death threats from the Peace Brigade, which is funded by outside deep pockets as it was last time around.

The good news? Recall activists faced David-vs.-Goliath odds before and won.

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