Local residents and media outlets are reporting that a shooting at Sparks Middle School in Nevada has left two dead and two injured.

Twitchy will continue to monitor and update as news develops. Prayers for all affected.

Students who attended the school or are in the same district are weighing in on Twitter.



More on Michael Landsberry:

According to the school’s website, Landsberry was an eighth grade math teacher. He was known as a fun-loving mentor; one student remarked on Twitter that before tests, he would tell students: “Let the force be with you.”

Landsberry was not just a teacher but also coached Sparks’ soccer team. One student said that before games, he would let players touch his bald head for good luck.

Another ex-student of Sparks said that Landsberry was also the school’s basketball coach.

Many students noted in their grief that Mr. Landsberry was already regarded as a hero in the school before his actions today.