A senior analyst with the liberal activist group Media Matters tweeted an apology on Tuesday after calling journalist Matt Drudge a racist and accusing him of using a phony photo of Trayvon Martin.

“Racist demagogue Drudge continues to run photo of some kid, not Trayvon for incitement purposes,” MJ Rosenberg initially tweeted at 10:56 a.m. ET, after and other media sites posted a photo of Martin sporting a tank top, looking noticeably older and bigger than he appears in a photograph widely carried by media outlets that have reported on the story.

Rosenberg followed that posting by retweeting a message saying, “Matt Drudge has done more to debase American news coverage than anyone in history of country.”

But he was tweeting a different tune at 1:03 p.m., when he wrote, “Mixed up Drudge photo of Trayvon w Michelle Malkin’s. Malkin’s is an admitted fake. Drudge? Don’t know. Sorry.” That tweet was immediately followed by another saying, “Malkin apologized for fake #Trayvon photo. I apologize for mixing up her photo with one Drudge used.”

Malkin’s site,, ran a photo it said was Martin shirtless and giving two middle fingers to the camera and said it was a photo the mainstream media was refusing to show. But it was not the same photo Rosenberg objected to on Drudge, so it was unclear how he confused the two. Malkin’s apology was also more unequivocal than Rosenberg’s.

“We made a mistake,” the site said in a post that later ran beneath the photo. “The photo on the right is not of the Trayvon Martin who was shot by Zimmerman. We apologize to our readers and to the Martin family.”

…A spokeswoman for Media Matters, a non-profit organization that professes to correct what it considers conservative bias in the media, declined to comment. But the spokeswoman noted Rosenberg’s Twitter feed does not necessarily reflect his employer’s views.

And here is the difference between Twitchy and the Soros Monkeys. We publish in good faith. We immediately and unequivocally correct mistakes. And we do not impute racism when there is none.

Our agenda is to tell you “Who said what” on Twitter and to bring you stories on Twitter that are news – or should be news.

Their agenda is to undermine and delegitimize all media voices — from Fox News to Rush Limbaugh and prominent conservative writers and bloggers — with which they disagree.


Update: At the American Spectator, read this investigation of how the Media Matters/ Soros network coordinates to bring down conservative talk show giants and GOP leaders.

Important to note: It’s not just about hushing Rush.

The Think Progress and Media Matters-led campaign to smear Twitchy as racist was stoked here and here, spread to Soros house organ MSNBC, and led to an inundation of hate tweets and comments from the pro-Trayvon Martin lynch mob that we won’t bother to reprint. (See @michellemalkin ‘s profanity- and death wish-clogged Twitter timeline if you’re curious.)

We’ve already crossed the 1 million page view mark in two weeks in existence. We’ve published nearly 1,600 posts. We are being cited by mainstream media outlets across the country.

Like every media outlet in existence — from the New York Times to Rachel Maddow to the Washington Post to, yes, Think Progress and again, Think Progress, we will occasionally get things wrong. Unlike those liberal elite outlets, however, our every mistake will be used as ammunition to crucify us.

We will let our integrity speak for itself. We won’t let the race card bring us down. And we thank you for your readership and support.