Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized a proposed AP course on African American history because he believed it was too rife with wokeness and leftist indoctrination.

The College Board even agreed and is revising the program to be based on actual, you know, history, instead of left wing politics.

None of this has stopped critics of DeSantis in the media or the Democrat party from distorting this issue. In the same way that they pushed the ‘don’t say gay’ lie, some of them are now framing this issue as ‘don’t say black’ which is a complete falsehood.

Take a look at MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan pusing the left’s latest false narrative.

Hasan and people like him know that their most rabidly leftist fans will eat this up without getting the facts.

The left wants students to be indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory and every other progressive trope available, so they’re not telling people what was in the course work that DeSantis found objectionable.

Facts don’t matter.

As long as the left sees DeSantis as a threat, this will continue.


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