It’s not exactly news when Elizabeth Warren says something dumb. It happens all the time.

In this case however, she got a lot of pushback from other people on Twitter.

Feast your eyes on this gem.

Turning D.C. into a state is a Democrat dream, because it would give them two more Senate seats which they know they would control forever.

One little problem? The United States Constitution.

Even the left leaning Politico made it clear in 2021:

The federal district was established in 1790 in accordance with the constitutional imperative that the seat of the federal government be under the control of the Congress, rather than any other entity. (It’s right there in Article I, Section 8.) The reason, as James Madison explained in Federalist 43, was that the federal government had to be independent of any one state’s supervision.

You would think that a senator would know this.

Reality. How does it work?

Hey, that never stopped Warren from claiming to be a Native American.


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