The Hill is reporting that Democrats are ‘quietly’ making ‘contingency plans’ for the 2024 election based on the outcome of the 2022 midterms.

If they suffer a catastrophic loss this November, Democrats and the media will probably begin the process of throwing Biden under the bus. His poll numbers are terrible, and a big loss for his party would be blamed on him, at least in part.

With all that in mind, should anyone be surprised by this?

From The Hill:

Democrats quietly making 2024 contingency plans ahead of midterms

Democrats behind the scenes are already talking about and making contingency plans for 2024 in case President Biden decides not to seek a second term, moves expected to intensify immediately after Election Day.

Nov. 8 won’t just decide what Congress looks like for the next two years. It will in many ways kick off the presidential campaign season and determine what that looks like for Democrats.

If they do better than expected, Biden could make a strong case for running again and the likelihood that he’ll get a credible challenger shrinks. But if Democratic candidates have a bad showing some in the party are expected to call for more options.

In other words, Biden is toast with his own party if they lose big in November.

Here are some reactions:

Democrats losing the House will freeze Biden’s presidency.

Democrats losing the House and the Senate could effectively end it.


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