Remember years ago when S.E. Cupp would appear on FOX News shows like Hannity and Red Eye to talk about how Democrats were moving to the extreme left? Yeah, those days are over.

Ever since Cupp joined the ranks at CNN, she has sounded more like Don Lemon than anyone on the FOX News channel.

During a recent appearance, Cupp defended Biden’s attempt to brand half of the country as semi-fascists as courageous.

No, really.

NewsBusters provides a transcript:

SARA SIDNER: Now, we certainly didn’t hear McCarty saying anything like that for some of the comments that Donald Trump has made. But is he correct that he — that when Biden used this language, that he, basically, accused all Republicans with a similar brush, or do you think that he actually hit the right tone?

S.E. CUPP: I think he correctly identified a strain within MAGA—MAGA—world. I mean, it — there are very few words to describe what Republicans are doing. Like I mentioned, book bans, having students turn in teachers for wokeism. I mean, really chilling stuff. Stuff you see in fascist countries, Republicans have adopted.

So, there’s no real other way to say it. And I think Biden was very careful in his speech yesterday to specify who he was talking about. Say, it’s not all Republicans. It’s not all Trump supporters. Look, you and I know Republicans, Sara. We know Trump supporters. They’re not all attached to this version of Trumpism. But the party is going in a very bad place. And more and more candidates that are running all across the country for really important positions, like secretaries of state and attorneys general, want to do some really dangerous things. So, listen, I think he was going to get blamed for, you know, and take some heat for using correct words to describe what’s happening. But he was, I think, courageous to do so.

Is this what conserving conservatism looks like?

Was Cupp lying when she presented herself as a conservative or is she lying now? It’s hard to tell.

Is there something in the water over at CNN?


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