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'THE PILLARS WERE ALREADY CRUMBLING': Jesse Kelly posts scary thread about 'where we currently are'

People are feeling a lot of anxiety about the economy and the Biden administration’s actions which seem to only make things worse.

One of the main things driving this is Biden and his party’s constant war on energy. They seem determined to get the country completely off of fossil fuels, even if the country isn’t ready for that.


Add inflation on top of that and you get millions of Americans who are nervous about the future.

Conservative talk show host Jesse Kelly is not going to make you feel any better about things, but he is going to help you understand exactly where we are.

This thread is a little scary.

It all started with this news:

That was Jesse’s launching pad:

OK, that makes sense. Keep going.


We assume ‘det cord’ means detonation cord. It’s quite a mental picture.


Why does Jesse always have to be right?


It sure is.


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