While speaking in Milwaukee earlier today, Joe Biden had one of those moments where he tried to say something and ended up mashing several words together.

He was reportedly trying to say ‘reduced the deficit,’ but somewhere between his brain and his mouth there was a major disconnect. This sort of thing seems to happen to him on a fairly regular basis.

Take a look at the video below:

People must be happy to know we ‘rededudenedefet’ this year. It’s always good to ‘rededudenedefet.’

At least he is good for a laugh once in a while.

Imagine being the sign language interpreter.

Oh yes. Remember during the 2020 campaign when Biden promised a strategy to deal with trunalimunumaprzure?

Biden probably won’t be remembered for his oratory skills.

Words are hard. We’re not even going to get into Biden’s math problems.

Biden’s speaking skills are right up there with his ability to tell the truth. In other words, non-existent.