R&B singer Mary J. Blige really likes Carmelo. We mean, really, really likes Melo. Carmelo Anthony has been the leader of the New York Knicks for the past two seasons, but he’s often received more criticism than praise, which has led to rumors about his possible departure.

So when a tweet came from a fake Stephen A. Smith twitter account (one that doesn’t even pretend to be real, admitting it’s a fake account in the description), about Melo getting traded to Phoenix, Mary J. Blige flipped.

She posted the picture of the tweet in question on her instagram:

Then came the drama, from the girl who cried “no more drama” herself:

Never mind the fact that the twitter account admits to being a fake, Blige demands more proof. Those who had already caught on did their best to reassure her Carmelo was staying a Knick (for now):

Breathe, Mary…breathe.