Courtney Love has been in the eye of the media for decades; one might suggest she hasn’t handled it with the same grace and class as others. Nevertheless, she’s still around, as are her fans and critics. Love took to her Twitter today to give a simple message to the people:

The former wife of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, and lead singer of the grunge band Hole, Courtney Love was in attendance at this weekend’s An Evening With Women in LA. It seems she’s found herself inspired by the words shared by all the performers, especially comedian Wanda Sykes.

But with all the antics over the years, including harsh words and trouble with the law, how would fellow women react to Courtney’s new message? One might think she sends a bad message to the solidified group that she’s given the name “powerful women.” On the other hand, one might see her struggles and experiences and think her the stronger (and more powerful) woman for surviving it all.

Here are some early reactions:!/jaydeyshambles/status/204637927773446144!/kanyetaughtme/status/204636866102837249

Let’s get some insight from the men on this most dire subject:

Seems like they’re not all convinced just yet, Courtney.