Ding ding ding!

Did you hear that folks? That latest ringing of the bell is for rapper Joe Budden. It appears someone is calling him out. The real question is, did he hear it?

Symba, you say? Like the scooter? Who you calling a scooter, Mr. Budden? Let’s assume for the sake of argument, he meant Simba, everyone’s favorite childhood lion from The Lion King.

So far, one contender is throwing punches with accusations of imitating Drake, while the other corner is hurling some heavy blows with suggestions of his opponent looking like a lion.

Second round!

It seems our fighters are taking it to another level!

But when Joe Budden steps out of the ring and moves along, our other fighter goes in for some late hay-makers.



How does this match of verbal heavyweights end? Well, read for yourself.


We’ll have to send this one to the judges, and see what their score cards have to say about it.