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As Twitchy reported, Kellyanne Conway tweeted this photo out over the weekend.


How DARE she try to celebrate?! Worse, to celebrate her historic victory: The first woman to lead a presidential campaign to victory. The Left does not seek to acknowledge that, natch. Glass ceiling? One can only shatter it if it is done walking in lockstep with the Left. It only counts for “real” women and Republican (and conservative) women don’t count, you see. The Left slams the doors that they falsely claim to open in the faces of Republican women, giving only selective support for “the right kind” of woman. Feminism? HA! That is anithetical to actual feminism.

Kellyanne Conway had fun at a costume party, celebrating her historic win. Not allowed! Here’s what the Left focused on instead of her vast achievements; Her body and her looks. And they focused on them in the most vile and hateful ways possible:


Sewer Rat Barbie. Foul. And quite obviously a way to dehumanize, diminish and sexualize Ms. Conway, which is standard operation procedure for the Left:

Repugnant. To the oh-so-tolerant Left, if you are a woman and on the Right, you are subhuman. And must be a tramp; Women cannot possibly have their own thoughts. Women cannot possibly be smart, independent and get ahead in this world without getting on their knees. THAT is what the Left thinks of you, ladies. For the Women ™, my skirt-clad ass. The left and alleged feminists are actually anti-women and they have proved it over and over.

And here we go with the “not a real woman” stuff:


Contemptible. But sadly not surprising. I wrote this six years ago (SIX!) and if anything, the venom spewed at Republican women has gotten even worse:

This summer, a Democrat Congresswoman, Rep. Janis Sontany (D-TN) said about her Republican counterparts ““You have to lift their skirts to find out if they are women. You sure can’t find out by how they vote!” They can’t have girly bits, you see. If they were real women, they wouldn’t have strayed off the Democrat plantation! Somehow the idea that we only dress as women is a biggie with the Left. Trying to black-ball us from their exclusive, and kinda creepy, Stepford-Feminist club isn’t enough, you see. They have to try to dehumanize us to the point where even our gender is taken away from us. An article at Alternet said:

Sarah Palin’s Mama Grizzlies are merely the latest incarnation of the anti-women’s movement — a movement to oppose real solutions for women,dressed up in a skirt and lipstick, as if to legitimize their efforts to block progress.

The ever bitter and idiotic Eleanor Clift called Sarah Palin “Pat Buchanan in drag”. Salon said Sarah Palin “may be a lady, but she ain’t no woman.” Patricia Ireland of the National Organization of Women (should have “only our kind of” in front of Women) told Democrats to vote only for “authentic” female political candidates. And Naomi Wolf once said that Jeane Kilpatrick was “uninflected by the experiences of the female body.” To the Left, we are either not real women or we are whores, conservative porn, or sex objects with no brains because a woman can’t possibly have both. The response to the Citzen’s United movie about conservative women, Fire From the Heartland, put that on full and disgusting display.


You’ve come a long way, baby! Except, not to the Left. Their hate-filled and hate-fueld venom aimed at many women has not changed at all.

Speaking of Sarah Palin, the sexist Left and femisogynists (misogynist feminists) pulled the same enraging tactics with Sarah Palin. Remember this?

Rachel Larimore, at Slate’s Double X, asked about the primary wins last night, “Where is the rah-rah sisterhood?”

The overriding theme of Tuesday night’s primary coverage was that it was a big night for female politicians. But there is a noticeable dearth of rah-rah sisterhood going on (though the National Review is pretty excited).

She further noted that the only talk amongst the Left, and feminists in particular, regarding this big night for conservative women was rather nasty comments about said women and lamenting that they were conservatives. Icky businesswomen, to boot!  One even asked, “Do you still cheer if the ceiling is crashed by two conservative businesswomen?”

Sarah Palin had endorsed many of the winning candidates. But the success of the candidates she endorsed was not the focus the next day. What was? Her breasts. No, for serious. The probing and pressing issue of the day was whether or not Sarah Palin had breast implants. On the plus side, at least it wasn’t another investigation of her uterus.

Empowerment? It’s not found by walking in lockstep with the vicious women-hating Left. It is found by focusing on Lady Smarts, not Lady Parts. It is found by lauding women like Kellyanne Conway and her historic success. It is found by valuing life. It is found in motherhood. It is found by throwing off the veil of victimhood. And it is found by fighting back against leftist (and media) smears. ALWAYS.


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