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FUME: Clinton flack Jennifer Palmieri's tearful snarl at Kellyanne Conway proves Dems learned NOTHING

As Twitchy reported, fireworks erupted between Clinton and Trump strategists at a forum Thursday.


Oh boy.

Yep. Because then Jennifer Palmieri said this:

WHY? Because white supremacy or something.

Despicable. How vile to hurl accusations and insults like that at every Donald Trump voter. And she said it WITH tears, guys.

It really is. Pathetic. Aww, poor wittle Jennifer needs her “safe space” and safety pin. Such a delicate snowflake. Woman up, Dems. You lost, you big babies.


Precisely. Kellyanne Conway had the last, and awesome, word:


Need more proof she and other Democrats have learned absolutely nothing from election 2016?

Double pitiful. THAT was her proudest moment? How very sad.

She should. As does every Trump voter. Which, by the way, is part of why he won. You really want to keep that going, Dems? That’s A-OK by us! President-elect Trump will thank you for prepping his re-election campaign for him.

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