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He said WHAT? Watch Obama try to slam Trump and bash HIMSELF instead; Loses control

This may very well be the most unintentionally hilarious sound bite of the day. You see, President Obama attempted to slam Donald Trump while campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Florida Thursday. But, was he actually talking about HIMSELF?


You can watch the video here at RealClear Politics.

Oh, the irony! It’s truly rich coming from President Fore-ward and Man of the Fancy Pants People.

It really is staggering.

Yep. Methinks they doth project too much.

Further, did Obama just give a reason to vote FOR Donald Trump?

Heck of a job, Barry!

Obama didn’t have better luck today when he lost control of the crowd in North Carolina:


And an exit point:

You can’t say that, can you President Obama? Fail.


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